Get Your Copy of Planning to Stay

How will you order yours?


Independent bookstores can email the publisher directly at

Also, note how you can work with your local, independent bookseller above!

Publishing Is Wild

Writing a book about the impacts of structural oppression on individual humans who mean well - while simultaneously engaging in an oppressive industry (publishing) - was really something.

I got to work with an incredible, creative, scrappy, brilliant team at the woman-owned IOM. Their support allowed me to do this work. 

Currently, IOM supports an on-demand publishing model, which I also have mixed feelings about. There's significantly less carbon release and extractive environmental impact - yay! 

And right now, the easiest way to get a copy is via Amazon.

Less yay.

Way, way, WAY less yay. 

Thankfully, there is a workaround!

Any independent bookseller can get Planning to Stay. 

To make it work for IOM, they need to order at least 5 copies.

It's not ideal. And... this entire book is about how to keep working for good in systems that aren't. 

Thanks so much for your interest, and the way you enact your good work in whatever spaces you navigate.